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Campus and Facilities

Bourgade Catholic takes pride in the campus and facilities we offer to our students.  Our spacious campus is well maintained and provides a great atmosphere for students to utilize facilities within their faith formation, academics, as well as extra-curricular activities. The Chapel on the second floor of the Student Services Building (built in 2003) had new stained glass windows installed courtesy of the Class of 2008 and Class of 2011 and new Stations of the Cross ceramic art pieces are being installed.

Our athletic facilities continue to be a priority beginning with Tepsic Gymnasium which saw a complete, interior renovation in the winter of 2016. New wood and artwork was added to the gym floor to reflect our Golden Eagle brand. The walls and ceiling were painted white, LED lighting was upgraded and heating and cooling system was added to the building. In addition, we recently upgraded our track and field components including new lighting, new track surface, and new sound equipment. Booster Club is currently working toward upgrades for our field press box.