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AZ Tax Credit Program

Arizona Tax Credit Program

The deadline to redirect tax credits for the 2020 return year is May 17, 2021. This date has been updated to reflect the IRS deadline update.
Did you know that you have a say in how to direct your state tax dollars? Community members paying taxes in the state of Arizona can redirect funds to Bourgade Catholic High School through a variety of available school tuition organizations (STOs). These re-directions are then taken as tax credits, which are applied to your state tax liability at the time of filing your return. Bourgade students are then awarded the redirected funds through scholarships. This program is also available for qualifying businesses! ​

​Meet some of our STO partners below, and help give the gift of Catholic education.
The mission of Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is to make it possible for underserved families in Arizona to provide a quality, Catholic education for their children. Through support of the tax credit, every child has equal opportunity to pursue an education that allows them to reach their highest potential. Our organization provides both individual and corporate Arizona tax payers to choose what a portion of their tax liability supports. With a graduation rate of 99% with 97% of those students continuing to post-secondary education or entering military service, Catholic Education Arizona and Arizona tax payers work together to invest in Arizona’s economy and the education of the next generation.
The Institute for Better Education (IBE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. We are committed to removing any financial obstacles that stand in a family’s way of providing K-12 education for their children and their unique needs. IBE accomplishes this through the Arizona private school tax credit program. We believe parents are the best resource a child has when determining which school will be the perfect fit for their child. Parents have been able to turn to the Institute for Better Education since 1998 if the right school to fit their child’s needs is not within their financial reach. IBE is honored to play a part in making a real difference in the lives of Arizona children.
​On a mission to improve the educational choices for children living with disabilities and low income hardships in Arizona. As a not for profit 501(c)(3) Student Tuition Organization. We provide educational funding and support for children living with disabilities and low income hardships in Arizona. Since 2016, we have partnered with over 60 schools and allocated over $6,400,000 for local students in need across Arizona.