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Alumni Spotlight

John Dorsey, Class of 1984

  May 2022 
This month’s alumni spotlight features Mr. John Dorsey from the Class of 1984.

​Like many, John joined Bourgade from the nearby Maryvale neighborhood after attending Borman Junior High School. John earned his first bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a second bachelor’s in Italian Languages from an institution in Siena, Italy. John later earned his MBA from Grand Canyon University – a fitting accompaniment to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Since John’s youth sports days, all the way through his experiences in the Army, he has been building a sharp business acumen. With his skills, he’s been able to start, develop and sell several businesses including his recent venture with Conservice Utility Management. Though Conservice becoming one of the largest private equity funds in the world is a true highlight in John’s professional journey, it’s the start of a new business that is perking up the ears of people across the United States – especially those in prep and college athletics.

Signing Day Sports (SDS) came across John’s radar as an investment opportunity for his family’s holding company. After helping as an advisor, he was named Signing Day Sports’ CEO in March 2021. With over 150,000 prep athletes and 600 college programs already on board, SDS serves as a networking platform that levels the playing field for athletes, coaches, parents and recruiters. By providing real-time, verifiable data on athletes, recruiters have necessary information directly available to them. The platform also allows athletes to create extremely marketable profiles using modern strategies and tools. John maintains a heralded spot in Bourgade’s Hall of Fame for his athletic accomplishments, but he acknowledges that the access to college and university athletic opportunities felt out of reach back then. Though the process and exposure has come a long way, SDS is proving to be an advanced resource in bridging the gap between athlete and university. Signing Day Sports currently offers services for football, baseball, softball and soccer athletes.

Reflecting on his time at Bourgade, John offered that his most developed quality was perseverance. As a late bloomer, he is appreciative of the constant investment from teachers and school staff, especially in times where it would have been easy to give up on him. John and many of his Class of 1984 classmates remain close today!

John has generously donated one year’s worth of Signing Day Sports services to Bourgade Catholic High School! Thank you, John!